A simple Spoken Word can do so much.

I was just browsing through different blogs on Tumblr one day and came up a truly relaxing blog with different nature pictures on it.  The name of the blog is Rustic-Charm. I was just clicking on one to the next kinda mindlessly and the below image popped onto the screen. As I sat there looking at it a wave of realization came over me, as I realized that this simple word pictured in front of me had the power to make so many changes to so many different things.


  Forgive, So simple and yet so powerful.  The other day I asked my teenage daughter to do something she said she would. Later I asked her if she got it done and with that look of oops on her face she said no I forgot. I stood there a second pondering and then I just said I forgive you.  She looked back at me and just said thank you and went to do what she had forgotten. The feeling I got at that moment is what inspired me to put all this into words.

This was the same situation that many parents I am sure have repeated over and over again with their teenager. And I am guilty to as to what so often is the case harsh words are exchanged for their seemingly never ending forgetfulness. But this time was different the speaking of this simple word made the situation a non interruption to each of us. In even had the effect of lifting our spirits.

Pink for peace is founded on the simple philosophy that if you inspire people to change how they see themselves and see others in the world. That as a combined effort we the people will make the world a more peaceful place by simply reacting to all things in life in a less harsh, non judgmental manner. And a simple word of forgiveness spoken can start a wave of change in each of us.

Try It..

The Founder

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