This woman takes selfies with her street harassers…

Everyone reacts differently to being catcalled. While some are horrified and demand an apology, others prefer to ignore it and keep walking. But one woman adopted a unique approach to the men who objectify her: She decided to take a selfie with each of them.

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I read this story and immediately was in agreement with her. Cat calling can be very degrading to the woman it is directed at. People who do this really ought to have more respect themselves and for other people.

Personally I do not do this. I have more respect for my self than to stoop to that level. Now don’t get me wrong some women do catch my eye but my thoughts do not get sexual about it.  I appreciate they way they look. I have even seen men on occasion that are really good looking.. But I do not want to date them nor do I voice my appreciation of or dislike of any person I see.  Lets be honest here not all of us have the Brad Pitt, Ivanka Trump Blessing as far as looks go. But it is not for us to hold that against then or feel lesser of a person. But to appreciate that we all have differences and that our differences make the world a more interesting place.

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