We Elected Them…

I Voted

    That’s right We All Elected Them. In The United States we elect people to the Federal Government, State and Local governments. But what is all to often is the case the majority of us never express our thoughts about any current issue. Or any issue that we feel is unjust and needs addressed.

We elect these people to represent us. So why do we never share our views with the people that can actually do something to make changes? Seems futile to complain about how an issue comes out when we done nothing to help influence the out come.

I am not up on a band wagon here pointing a guiltless finger at everyone else. I am just as guilty as most are,  who voice there concerns to the TV , friend or loved one. But never take the extra step to get my views to the place where they can be heard and maybe influence an out come.

Take the time to have a look at yourself the next time a big national event or issue has everybody talking about it. If you are feeling very passionate about the issue and it involves something that your representatives in the government will or should be involved in. Send them an e-mail and express your views on the issue to them.

After you do, You will feel a sense of satisfaction because you will no longer be standing on the sidelines. You will be involved in the solution. You do not have to take my word for it. TRY IT. and you will see for yourself.

Satisfaction brings happiness and happiness brings more peace to each of us.

We Elected Them, Use Them! You can find your congressman HERE.

The Founder