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The United States Institute of Peace

The United States Institute of Peace is an independent national institute, founded by Congress and dedicated to the proposition that a world without violent conflict is possible, practical, and essential for U.S. and global security. USIP pursues this vision on the ground in conflict zones, working with local partners to prevent conflicts from turning to bloodshed and to end it when they do. The Institute provides training, analysis, and other resources to people, organizations, and governments working to build peace.

United States Institute Of peace

USIP Brings Together Experts and Practitioners in Peacebuilding to:

  • Identify the best ways to counter violent extremism and promote religious tolerance.
  • Develop practical tools to improve the rule of law in chaotic environments after violent conflict.
  • Rigorously test approaches to conflict prevention and peacebuilding to ensure the U.S. is using the most constructive and cost-effective tools to protect U.S. interests without violence.
  • Use traditional media, social networking, and emerging technologies to track, prevent, and resolve violent conflict.

There are Many many many individuals and organizations working on bringing about a less hostile more peaceful world.

Pink for peace can be instrumental in filling the gaps and bringing together all these individuals and organizations because we operate on one simple principle.  Help people instill more peace in their personal lives. This in turn will filter out to those they associate with. So this will create Friends and Family Groups that will be sharing their message in ever increasing circles of people they come in contact with. All these ever growing groups living in peace will one day overlap and fill the voids between all the peace organizations in the world. Thus creating a powerful unified voice for peace the rest of the world will no longer be able to ignore.

Start your new life of peace today.

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Pink For peace

  “Our generation has the ability and the responsibility to make our ever-more connected world a more hopeful, stable and peaceful place.”

Natalie Portman



Volunteers For Peace

Volunteers For peace

Founded in 1982, VFP is a non-profit organization offering over 3000 voluntary service opportunities around the world.

Volunteers For Peace (VFP) organizes, promotes and supports voluntary service opportunities in the USA and abroad as an effective means of intercultural education, service learning, and community development.

VFP empowers host communities to work cooperatively for environmental sustainability, social justice, and peace.

VFP provides opportunities for volunteers to develop leadership skills and global connections. We advocate for civic engagement and encourage volunteers to apply their new skills as citizen diplomats, community activists and global leaders.

This is a long standing well recognized Organization that brings interested volunteers from different parts of the world together.  To take part in different projects around the world to promote peace and good will.

If you have some skills and the time you can give checkout what you and Volunteers For Peace can do for each other.

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Pink For peace


“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless,

but because they’re priceless.” 

Sherry Anderson

We Elected Them…

I Voted

    That’s right We All Elected Them. In The United States we elect people to the Federal Government, State and Local governments. But what is all to often is the case the majority of us never express our thoughts about any current issue. Or any issue that we feel is unjust and needs addressed.

We elect these people to represent us. So why do we never share our views with the people that can actually do something to make changes? Seems futile to complain about how an issue comes out when we done nothing to help influence the out come.

I am not up on a band wagon here pointing a guiltless finger at everyone else. I am just as guilty as most are,  who voice there concerns to the TV , friend or loved one. But never take the extra step to get my views to the place where they can be heard and maybe influence an out come.

Take the time to have a look at yourself the next time a big national event or issue has everybody talking about it. If you are feeling very passionate about the issue and it involves something that your representatives in the government will or should be involved in. Send them an e-mail and express your views on the issue to them.

After you do, You will feel a sense of satisfaction because you will no longer be standing on the sidelines. You will be involved in the solution. You do not have to take my word for it. TRY IT. and you will see for yourself.

Satisfaction brings happiness and happiness brings more peace to each of us.

We Elected Them, Use Them! You can find your congressman HERE.

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Personality Color Pink


If Your Favorite Color is Pink:

If pink is your favorite color, you are loving, kind, generous and sensitive to the needs of others.

You are friendly and approachable with a warmth and softness others are drawn to.

You are the nurturers of the world – you love to give nurturing and to receive nurturing in return.

With a personality color pink, you have a maternal instinct, with a need to protect and take care of others. You also have a need for this caring to be reciprocated as you do tend to neglect yourself in your determination to take care of the needs of others.
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Peace is not the absence of conflict.

“Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it.” – Unknown

This quote means that there will always be conflicting issues and only through how we deal with our everyday problems can we find true peace
Avoiding every problem is impossible. Eventually you will have to face them head on. Once you have effaced your issues, can you truly fin an inner sanctuary. It’s not entirely about facing your problems but infact how you deal with them. If somebody were to start an argument with you, sure you could argue back with yelling and make matters worse, or you could try and calm this person down. Understand their side of the story and try to explain yours, peacefully. There’s enough violence in this world alone. We don’t need to add to it

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Peace Comes From Within

Inner peace is not dependent on circumstances or external situations. Inner peace comes from within you.

Often, after achieving something, finishing something, or solving a problem, you experience a brief moment of peace, but soon forget it, embarking on the next project, goal, task or problem. This sense of inner peace is of short duration, and is unstable.

In these situations, it seems as if inner peace is dependent on the accomplishment of some task, or goal, and can exist only after you do, get or achieve this or that. This is a completely erroneous assumption.

This erroneous assumption associates the state of inner peace with certain activities, or rather achieving, gaining or doing something. It seems as if external circumstances and certain actions are the cause of the sense of peace.
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Peace In Peace Out

Peace Revolution is a project born in 2008 in Thailand aiming to promote the culture of peace through the practice of meditation and mindfulness.

Peace Revolution’s slogan, Peace In Peace Out (PIPO), stands for each individual’s choice to be the change they want to see in the world. We believe that world peace is achievable, but just if each individual works on developing his inner peace first. Hence, when improving our inner peace, we are contributing to develop a peaceful environment around us.

Thus, through individual mindful action, we can make sustainable world peace a tangible reality.


One Thought. One Day. One individual at a time.

wpi foundation

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How to Live in Peace

Living in peace is about living harmoniously with yourself, others, and all sentient beings around you. While you will find your own meanings of peaceful existence and outward manifestations of a peaceful life according to your beliefs and lifestyle, there are some basics underpinning living in peace that cannot be overlooked, such as being non-violent, being tolerant, holding moderate views, and celebrating wondrous-life. This article provides some suggestions to help you to discover your journey to living in peace, a journey and way of life that ultimately only you can be responsible for.

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Why Pink


We chose pink because it sparks happiness in people. Pink is a color that is hard to be mad around. Here is a good explanation of the color pink.

“Pink Color Meaning:

The color pink represents caring, compassion and love. The pink color stands for unconditional love and understanding, and is associated with giving and receiving care. Since pink is a combination of red and white, both colors add a little to its characteristics. It gets the lust for action from the red color, and the white color gives it an opportunity to achieve success and insight. Passion and power from the color red, softened with the purity and openness of the white color completes pink color meaning. The deeper the pink color, the more passion and energy it radiates.”

Read more about the color pink HERE!

Bringing about a more peaceful world on the surface seems a daunting task.  But after a close look it actually comes down to the attitude of people. And something as simple as a color can have the effect of changing a mood from negative to positive.  The next time you feel the frustration building in your life. Take a moment and think about the color pink and see if a peaceful happy feeling does not start to change your mood and bring a new perspective to your life.

Think Pink, Live in Peace

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Who We Are!

The Basic belief pink for peace was founded on. Is the premise that in order for the world to be a more peaceful place. Each person has to be at peace with themselves first. And then help those around them be at peace.

Peace is not something that you can just say you want. A person has to be at peace within them selves then live a life with a peaceful attitude.  If every person does this then we would all be living in a world at peace.

Join us and soon you will feel yourself becoming more at peace.  Then as your new peaceful attitude effects those around you. You will see a wave of positive change come into your life and to the world.

the ripple effect

   Just as a single pebble dropped in the ocean starts a ripple effect. The more people that you share your attitude of peace with, the larger your ripples in the water become. Yes, you can effect change in this world. By simply effecting change in yourself.

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Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.

                                                                                                       Howard Zinn