Friends Without Borders

Friends without borders

Welcome to a brand new approach to world peace.

All across India, tens of thousands of children have begun writing heartfelt letters to the students in Pakistan. All across Pakistan, tens of thousands of children are replying with heartfelt letters back. New connections are being made. New friendships are being formed.

Imagine if all the schools from both nations were to participate? What will happen when this generation grows up?

At Friends Without Borders, we are making this possible, and invite you and your school to take part in this historic heart-to-heart experiment.

Children have a natural instinct toward friendship and will jump to reach out and create new friends, when given the opportunity. The simple act of writing a letter leaves deep and lasting impressions that help to humanize ‘the other.’ These are the seeds that promise to mature into a safer, friendlier world.

You can get involved with Friends Without Borders by:

1. Encourage as many schools as possible to participate – especially your own.

2. Get all your friends and family involved – have them ask their schools.

3. Get the word out in the media about this new approach to peace!


I came across Friends without borders and was inspired by their passion and especially their approach to peace.  It has long been my belief that if the people of the world would openly communicate with each other that the perceived tensions between us would greatly lesson.  I am from the US and through out my life I have been told that we do not like Russia, They are our enemies. But on a number of occasions I have met People from Russia. Our interactions were fantastic and never did I have the thoughts that I did not like them JUST because they were from Russia. So I for one do not understand all the hate and problems we have with Russia and it’s wonderful people. Maybe I should get a pen pal from there. Hmmm!

Think Pink,  Live in Peace

The Founder

It may be long before the law of love will be recognized in international affairs. The machinery of government stand between and hide the hearts of one people from those of another. — M.K. Gandhi