Chinese Young People Are Wanting Change


“Chinese people are increasingly ignoring party propaganda and are much more interested in movie stars, who represent a new lifestyle and more exciting aspirations,” Willy Lam, an expert on Chinese politics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, told the Associated Press.

They want to be free, happy and live their life to its fullest. That is the way it should be. many people are starting to see that you do not have to tread on another person or country to achieve all the best in life. You have to have cooperation and the freedom to achieve all you can be.  Was that not one of the main reasons that people came to America and still do?



People just want to live and enjoy their lives. We are tired of all the supposed hatred in the world. The time has come for there to be recognition in the world that living in peace does not take massive militaries it takes cooperation among the people of the world. Peace is a mind set: it is a way of life.  You cannot make a truly peaceful cooperating world through force. People have to want peace and live their life at peace with themselves and those around them.

As more people in the world prosper and their quality of life improves. They start to not understand the old mindset that it takes hate and guns to protect ones freedom. If you read President Trump’s speech at the UN. He clearly laid out a plan for the beginnings of cooperation among all nations of the world.  If all nations would agree to respect the sovereignty of each other then the world’s path towards peace would have begun.

Live free, Live happy, Think Pink and you will be at the fore front of peace!

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Pink For Peace

Einstein Wrote “A quiet and modest life brings more joy than a pursuit of success bound with constant unrest.”

This woman takes selfies with her street harassers…

Everyone reacts differently to being catcalled. While some are horrified and demand an apology, others prefer to ignore it and keep walking. But one woman adopted a unique approach to the men who objectify her: She decided to take a selfie with each of them.

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I read this story and immediately was in agreement with her. Cat calling can be very degrading to the woman it is directed at. People who do this really ought to have more respect themselves and for other people.

Personally I do not do this. I have more respect for my self than to stoop to that level. Now don’t get me wrong some women do catch my eye but my thoughts do not get sexual about it.  I appreciate they way they look. I have even seen men on occasion that are really good looking.. But I do not want to date them nor do I voice my appreciation of or dislike of any person I see.  Lets be honest here not all of us have the Brad Pitt, Ivanka Trump Blessing as far as looks go. But it is not for us to hold that against then or feel lesser of a person. But to appreciate that we all have differences and that our differences make the world a more interesting place.

Think Pink for a better life in this world

Pink For Peace My Friend

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Thank You WWE for your very heartfelt remembrance of the victims and families of Las Vegas.

Melissa and I are heart broken by the tragedy on the Las Vegas Strip and our thoughts and prayers are sincerely with the victims and their families.

Please we have to Stop The Hate..

The Founders

John And Melissa

When You Are Genuine, You Touch Peoples Hearts.

I can across this video and just sat and listened to it. The sincerity of hurt that his friend was taken from him touched me.

When any of us are truly genuine in what we feel or believe. Our words touch others in a deep heartfelt way.

Be true to your convictions and express your desires for people will listen if it is coming from within.

The Founder
Pink For Peace

A former US Navy SEAL has a his solution to the North Korean crisis — and it just may work

When Jocko Willink‏, a former US Navy SEAL, author, and occasional Business Insider contributor, was asked on Twitter how he would handle the North Korean crisis, he gave an unexpected answer that just might work, according to an expert.

Willink’s proposal didn’t involve any covert special operation strikes, or military moves of any kind. Instead of a bombs, Willink suggested the US drop iPhones.

“Drop 25 million iPhones on them and put satellites over them with free wifi,” tweeted Willink.

While the proposal itself is fantastical and a bit far fetched, Yun Sun, an expert on North Korea at the Stimson Center says the core concept could work.


   This touches on the core concept of Pink For Peace.  That is, Peace is within the heart of each individual person. If the people of the world one by one make peace an important part of their everyday life. Their attitude will effect the lives of the people they associate with. As more and more people start a new circle of peaceful influence.  Their circle in time will overlap with other circles and the power of the peoples will for peace will build and affect change in the attitude of all people in the world.

I was asked a question once. ” Can god created a stone bigger than he can move”. I pondered for a few minutes and then answered with this. No, He cannot create a stone that he cannot move. Because god does not move the stone with physical strength, He wills it to move.

United together the will of the people can create a world at peace.

Join Us and start your new life with a heart filled with peace for all peoples of the world.

The Founder

Pink For Peace


President Trump’s ‘sovereignty’ talk was what the UN needed to hear

Here are excerpts From President Trumps speech to the United Nations.

Trump’s critics misrepresent the speech and misunderstand the nationalist vision that Trump was setting out. He didn’t defend a valueless international relativism.

“The Marshall Plan,” he said, “was built on the noble idea that the whole world is safer when nations are strong, independent and free.”

He said, repeatedly, that we want “strong and independent nations” committed to promoting “security, prosperity and peace.” And we look for nations “to respect the interests of their own people and the rights of every other sovereign nation.”

Trump’s standards aren’t drawn out of thin air. A consistent nationalist believes in the right of every nation to govern itself. Moreover, modern nationalism developed alongside the idea of popular sovereignty — i.e., the people have the right to rule, and the state is their agent, not the other way around. This is why the rise of nationalism was the worst thing to happen to dynastic rulers in Europe.

Trump’s core claim that “the nation-state remains the best vehicle for elevating the human condition” is indubitably correct; it is what makes self-government possible. Given the choice between being governed by imperial center or transnational authorities, the people of almost every nation will choose — and fight if necessary — to govern themselves. (See the American Revolution.)


I took from this that if all nations respect the sovereignty of each other nation. And the government of each nation represents and respects the interest of their people. That the world will be a safer better place for all people.

“Respect” is the buzz word here. Every person has beliefs and feelings and national norms that can be different from the beliefs and national norms of people from other countries. That should be a good thing. It makes all individuals unique. It makes each country unique. It keeps us all from being duplicated drones with the personality of a pencil. Why spend the time to travel to another country if it is just a duplicate of the one you live in? Embracing the differences country to country. Embracing the differences of one person to another is what will bring this world to a peaceful existence.

All people are created equal and have just as much right to live a safe, happy and rewarding life as each other person.

Respect each other and embrace our differences and we all will live in a world at peace. Period!

That’s what I got out of President Trump’s speech. What did you get?

The Founder

Pink For Peace

Have You Ever Said This To Yourself?

Sit back a moment relax and let your mind clear. Then say this to yourself: ” I Believe In Me”

I believe in me

  Then make a mental note of how that made you feel. How your mood may have changed. Did it inspire you in some way?

Self talk is very important to your own well being. Because it is how we feel about ourselves that has so much influence on everything we think and do. When I get up in the morning no matter how I feel at that moment.  I give thanks for the new day ahead of me. Personally I too have been through some rough patches in my life and have dreaded each new day because I just knew that it would be as dreadful as yesterday.  Many People have experienced a time in there life where it seems that every decision they make seems to get them farther from where we want to be. At these times it is real easy to give into the situation and just let the feeling of our self being no good and unable to get anything right take over our mindset. When a person lets this happen they put themselves on the sidelines of life.

Positive self talk no matter what the situation is, will allow you a more open mind to see your way through what ever is going on in your life.  With a more open mind you will be able to understand more about the situation and what you need to do to deal with it. Negative self talk will pull you away from what is happening and basically avoid the situation.

I believe in myself, But over time through self analysis and trial and error I have a fuller understanding of my abilities and limitations. For instance I do not have a sense of negative self worth because I am not a pro football player. When I was was younger I never was very good at playing football and did not have the desire to become better. But I could ride a wheelie on my bike for a full city block. Even though a friend of mine finally road a wheelie a block and a half and beat my record. I  was satisfied with my accomplishment of one block and felt good for his hard work to accomplish setting a new record. But did not feel good for him at the expense of feeling negative for myself.

Positive self talk goes hand in hand with a deeper understanding of our own abilities and our desires as to what we feel comfortable with and like doing.  Hey I am completely happy being a spectator and watching the New England Patriots Play a game.

If you believe in yourself and have a decent understanding of your present abilities. You can be happier at whatever it is your desire to do.

The Founder

Pink For Peace

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A simple Spoken Word can do so much.

I was just browsing through different blogs on Tumblr one day and came up a truly relaxing blog with different nature pictures on it.  The name of the blog is Rustic-Charm. I was just clicking on one to the next kinda mindlessly and the below image popped onto the screen. As I sat there looking at it a wave of realization came over me, as I realized that this simple word pictured in front of me had the power to make so many changes to so many different things.


  Forgive, So simple and yet so powerful.  The other day I asked my teenage daughter to do something she said she would. Later I asked her if she got it done and with that look of oops on her face she said no I forgot. I stood there a second pondering and then I just said I forgive you.  She looked back at me and just said thank you and went to do what she had forgotten. The feeling I got at that moment is what inspired me to put all this into words.

This was the same situation that many parents I am sure have repeated over and over again with their teenager. And I am guilty to as to what so often is the case harsh words are exchanged for their seemingly never ending forgetfulness. But this time was different the speaking of this simple word made the situation a non interruption to each of us. In even had the effect of lifting our spirits.

Pink for peace is founded on the simple philosophy that if you inspire people to change how they see themselves and see others in the world. That as a combined effort we the people will make the world a more peaceful place by simply reacting to all things in life in a less harsh, non judgmental manner. And a simple word of forgiveness spoken can start a wave of change in each of us.

Try It..

The Founder

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